Root Canal Procedure

A tooth infection can cause severe pain. Left untreated, decay can lead to tooth loss and other issues.

At Bailey Dental Group in Richmond, MI, our doctors can perform a root canal procedure to restore the health and comfort of your smile.

So why should you consider root canal treatment?

root canal

A Virtually Painless Root Canal  Can Prevent Tooth Loss 

Gentle Treatment Methods

Dr. Cynthia E Bailey uses modern root canal techniques, as well as local anesthesia, to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your endodontic procedure. This procedure can provide significant relief from tooth pain.

Protect Your Teeth

Even a small cavity, when left untreated, can eventually lead to the loss of a tooth. With a root canal, we can preserve the healthy exterior of your tooth to prevent the need for an extraction.

Restore Your Oral Health

Once a dental infection exists, it can spread to neighboring teeth and gum tissue. It can affect the tissue in your jaw and cause bone loss. Receiving prompt treatment at our Richmond practice can help you avoid more serious oral health concerns.

Take a look at how a root canal treatment works...

Concerned about pain during treatment?

A Root Canal Is No More Uncomfortable Than Receiving a Dental Filling

What are some signs that you may need a root canal?

Do you need a root canal or an extraction?

Determining Whether  a Tooth Can Be Saved

Healthy Outer Structure

Root canal treatment deals mainly with the inside of the tooth, or the pulp. During a consultation, Dr. Bailey can assess whether the exterior of your tooth is healthy enough to support a dental crown. If not, they may recommend a tooth extraction.

Wisdom Teeth

Since the wisdom teeth are not necessary for proper oral function, we do not typically recommend a root canal when these teeth become infected. Instead, we will likely recommend wisdom tooth removal to restore the health of your smile.

Do I have other options?

A Root Canal Is Often the Only Way to Save Your Tooth

When a dental infection has occurred, the only two treatment options are root canal therapy or tooth extraction. After an extraction, you will need to replace the removed tooth with a dental implant or another type of permanent restoration. These treatment options typically cost more and require a longer treatment time than a simple root canal. If the tooth can be saved, Dr. Bailey will recommend a root canal.

implant-supported crown

Without a root canal, infection can spread...

root canal illustration root canal illustration

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