Q: What is your favorite technology that has been implemented recently?

A: My favorite technology that we just implemented, probably within the last couple years, is our iTero scanners.

Q: What does the iTero scanner do?

A: It takes a 3D digital scan of your teeth. We use that for Invisalign trays. It has infrared technology to detect cavities. We can see if there's any occlusal wear on your teeth. It's just a full health scan of your teeth that really makes a huge difference in when we treatment plan.

Q: How does this technology affect the patient experience?

A: It's a super easy thing for the patient. It takes about five minutes, tops. You just, you know, open. We scan one arch, then the other arch.

Q: How long does the scan take and what happens after the scan?

A: It takes just a few minutes, and then they can see all of that data in a report that we can print for them as well.