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Dental Implant Cost

Dental implants are a great solution for missing teeth, but many patients want to understand what they are getting for their investment.

At Bailey Dental Group in Richmond, MI, we’re happy to explain the cost of dental implants so you can make an informed choice.

Knowing how implants boost our patients’ self-confidence, we work hard to make treatment as affordable as possible...

Dental Implants An Investment in Your Future Health

Dental implants boost our patients' self-confidence and let them once again enjoy the simple pleasures of daily life, such as sharing a smile or a meal with friends.

But implants are more than a cosmetic solution. They are also an investment in your future oral health. Implants are the only tooth replacement procedure that can stop the bone atrophy that follows tooth loss. When considering how implants contribute to the joys of day-to-day life and future oral health, it's no wonder many patients consider them "priceless."  

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Elaine Francis


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I have never been more impressed with a dental practice than that of Dr. Cynthia Bailey's, from the Administration area to the end result received by Dr. Bailey herself and her staff.
Not only does Dr. Bailey and her staff provide the service of a perfectionist but a practical and affordable service as well!  For what more could a patient ask?  Nothing . . . .
Thank you Dr. Bailey for choosing a full-service dental career and with that establishing your own practice!  I am most appreciative!!

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Squisha Chipywood


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Love Dr. Bailey's work.  She has fixed things in my mouth that other dentists wouldn't, or probably couldn't fix.  I don't feel like I'm  being taken for a ride either.  She does what is necessary, without trying to sell me something that is unnecessary.   Example : I have one dentist trying to sell me two root canals with two crowns ..... when all that was needed was one root canal with one crown,  and one cavity filling (saving me around $ 1500+ )  Thanks to Dr. Bailey,  she saved my teeth and my wallet :)       Also, she is very professional .

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What Do Dental Implants Cost? Let's Look at Some of the Variables

Patients who have lost their natural teeth often come to us confused about the cost of dental implants, and we're not surprised. The cost varies widely. Unfortunately, you can't estimate your dental implant cost based on what your friend or neighbor paid.

If you want accurate pricing, the best option is a consultation with our dentists. This allows us to assess your oral health and understand your needs before giving you a quote. However, we can take a moment now to understand some of the variables that affect pricing:   

Number of Implants

The number of implants needed to restore your smile will vary based on how many teeth you are missing. If only one tooth is gone, then a single implant is all you will need to support a restoration. However, if you are missing several teeth, then the number of implants required will increase. The total can vary from two implants to hold a dental bridge to up to four or more to hold a denture. You also have to factor in the number of abutments needed. Abutments are connector pieces that attach the implant to the restoration.

Type of Restoration

The restoration is the part that attaches to the implant and features natural-looking artificial teeth. Again, if you are missing one tooth, then all you will need is a single crown (prosthetic tooth). However, if you are missing multiple teeth, you will require a bridge or denture, which will increase the cost. Restorations can also be made out of different materials, which also affects the price.

Preparatory Procedures

Some patients need extra dental care before they can qualify for implant surgery. This can include gum disease treatment to ensure a healthy environment for dental implants or bone grafts to create a solid foundation for implants. Extractions and sinus lifts are other common preparatory treatments.

Dr. Bailey and Dr. Finley

Bailey Dental Group

Bailey Dental Group is a comprehensive, family-friendly dental practice where patients of all ages have received exceptional care for over 35 years. Our dentists, Dr. Cynthia E. Bailey and Dr. Tess Marie Finley, have been recognized as "Top Dentists" and are members of various prestigious organizations: 

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